How to Get Married in Turkey for Foreigners and Obtain Family Residence Permit: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Get Married in Turkey for Foreigners and Obtain Family Residence Permit: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get Married in Turkey for Foreigners

We're going to discuss the marriage procedures for foreigners in Turkey. If you're planning to get married in this beautiful country, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information.

Section 1: Eligibility Criteria

First, let's talk about the eligibility criteria for foreigners who want to get married in Turkey. To be eligible, both parties must:
- Be at least 18 years old.
- Not be closely related by blood.
- Not currently be married to someone else.
- Not in overstay status in Turkey

Section 2: Required Documents

To get married in Turkey, you'll need to gather the following documents:
- A valid passport (translated in Turkish and notarized).
- An official document stating that you're free to marry, such as an Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry or a Certificate of Celibacy.
- A certified copy of your birth certificate. (If your Certificate of Celibacy has the name of your father and mother, then birth certificate is not needed)
- Six passport-sized photos for each partner.

Please note that all documents should be translated into Turkish by a certified translator and notarized.

Health report from a Turkish hospital or an approved health center.

Section 3: Requirements for International Documents

The marriage office asks for apostille stamp or consular stamp for the birth certificate and Certificate of celibacy.

- If your document is apostilled, you need to translate it into Turkish and get it notarized in Turkey
- If your document is not apostilled, you need to get it stamped at your country’s consulate in Turkey. Then, you need to get an additional stamp from the local governor’s office (kaymakamlik). And then, you need to translate this document into Turkish and get it notarized.

Section 4: Marriage Application Process

Once you've gathered the necessary documents, follow these steps to apply for marriage in Turkey:
- Visit the local marriage registry office, known as the 'Evlendirme Dairesi' in the district where you wish to marry.
- Submit your required documents and pay the marriage application fee.
- Choose a wedding date and confirm it with the marriage registry office.

If everything is in order, the marriage registry office will issue a marriage license, and you can proceed with your wedding ceremony."

Section 5: The Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony can be held at the marriage registry office or another approved venue. A Turkish government official, known as a 'Nikah Memuru,' will officiate the ceremony. You'll need at least two witnesses, and the ceremony will be conducted in Turkish. If you don't speak Turkish, you'll need a sworn translator. After the ceremony, the official will give you a marriage certificate, which serves as proof of your marriage.

Section 6: Family Residence Permit

After getting married, you or your spouse can apply for a Family Residence Permit. This permit allows the foreign spouse to live in Turkey legally. To apply, gather the following documents:
- A valid passport.
- Four passport-sized photos.
- A copy of your Turkish marriage certificate.
- Proof of adequate financial resources to support both spouses.
- Proof of health insurance.
- Proof of address

Submit these documents to the local immigration office in Turkey. You can get online appointment at their website The application process usually takes about 30 days, and the permit is valid for up to three years.